Ambassador Bios

Emma Hoyle


Primary Care


My name is Emma and I work as a Physician Associate in Primary Care in East Lancashire.

I qualified with the first cohort in the North West at the University of Central Lancashire, and worked initially in secondary care.

For the first 12 months, I rotated through Acute Medicine, Gastroenterology and Diabetes and Endocrinology. I then spent 6 months in Acute medicine. Whilst there, I organised a monthly teaching programme for PA's and worked alongside my fellow colleagues in provided teaching within these sessions. I was also the PA representative for the trust and worked hard to steer progress and development. Streaming the live RCP conferences in to the hospital for the whole MDT to attend was another away in which I tried to facilitate learning and progression which was available to all.

I was privileged to be on the interview panel for selection of the LIFT 2 Physician Associates; the candidates were of such great quality.

I took the leap to primary care at the end of July this year, and it was the best move a I ever made.
I love my job, and feel I am being used to my potential and learning every day, with great support and guidance from my colleagues.

My background is in teaching in further and higher education, with many years' experience in teaching exercise classes in both indoor and outdoor environments, alongside netball coaching. Within my coaching role I have also worked as a mentor to newly qualified coaches, and organised training programmes in order to identify and develop future coaches and umpires.

Within my role as ambassador, I am keen to continue this development facilitation, by working on longitudinal integrated clerkship's, which will see the further integration of Physician Associates in to the multi-disciplinary teams within the NHS. I will also be working to expand the digital MDT network for PA's and finally, my real driving force, Bridging the Gap.

Bridging the gap is a project which will enable further development of Physician Associates to provide career progression and future opportunities, for those who are keen to move forward.
My spare time is usually spent by the side of a football or cricket pitch with one of my two children, or otherwise ferrying them around from A to B, so I won't bore you further with that!