Ambassador Bios

Steevie Pugh


Primary Care


Prior to my adventures in PA-world, I studied Animal Behaviour at undergraduate and then worked in an NHS HR department for several years. I took the plunge in 2016 as part of the first North West cohort, and graduated from the University of Manchester in early 2018.

I currently work at City Health Centre, which is a large practice in the heart of Manchester. We have a unique patient population, mostly consisting of young professionals, and a fantastic, dynamic team that looks after them. I love my job because every day brings something new and thought-provoking, and the support from and rapport I have with colleagues really does make it so much easier.

Clinical work aside, I also facilitate PBL and do some sessional lectures on the Manchester PA course, which I enjoy. I can also frequently be found either lifting weights or riding my horse (not at the same time).

My vision as an ambassador is to encourage and support the role within primary care, to help promote the sustainability, satisfaction and safety for all parties involved.