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Physician Associate Guide to CPD

What is CPD?

Faculty definition:

"A continuing process, following completion of a Physician Associate programme, that enables individual Physician Associates to maintain and improve standards of medical practice through the development of knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviour. CPD should also support specific changes in practice."

The CPD log runs over a 5 year cycle so this table will hopefully give you an idea of how you can meet average yearly requirement and keep on target.
The guidelines for CPD can be confusing. This table opposite (click to enlarge) aims to give you an idea of the breakdown of requirements.

If you haven't already, download the RCP CPD app. It makes inputting learning easy and allows you to dictate your reflections.

Usually 1 credit equates to 1 hour of CPD.
The CPD diary runs from 1st April- 31st March each year. You are expected to complete a yearly reflection on your CPD activities- this is due at the end of June.

CPD Accredited Training

Non-CPD Accredited Training



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