NWPAF Events

The North West Physician Associate Forum is committed to enhancing the experience of physician associates, both qualified and student.To this end the Forum will organise a variety of events and post them here, as well as any pictures taking of the event and responses from feedback.

Networking Event, September 24 2019

Salford Royal NHS FoundationTrust

This is the first Networking Event put on by the NWPAF, actually it was the first event put on by the Forum. And despite the typical Manchester weather trying to rain on our parade the turn out was still above our baited expectations.

The event started with a bout of registration and networking over Subway kindly provided by Medical Excellence, went into some excellent inspiring presentations and culminated in the eponymous Q&A session which was followed by a spontaneous networking bout. To this (very tired at the time) writer, the spontaneous networking at the end was a delightful surprise; feelings not, as I thought at the time, brought on by exhaustion! A sign of a night well done when your attendees don't dash out the door!

And if the only positive outcome is that we managed to link a PA up with contacts in her dream role of working in mental health then that was worth every second of preparation (that's a lot of seconds by the way). Will that end in a job for her? We don't know but we can all keep our fingers crossed!

So if you were unable to make this event then have no worries, due to the success of the event and feedback provided this is but the first such event that we will organise, watch the space[s] below. But as a teaser of what you missed, or as a reminder if you didn't, here is the itinerary:

17:30 - Registration & networking
17:50 - Introduction - Kate Burnett (Head of Physician Associate School (NW))
18:00 - The Role of a Physician Associate - Peter Kurth (PAs) & Ricky Staniland (PA-R)
18:10 - The North West PA Forum - Claire Lawrence (PA-R)
18:15 - The Role of a Physician Associate in Acute Medicine - Myya Mistry (PA-R) & Rebecca Edwards (PA-R)
18:25 - The Role of a Physician Associate in Vascular Surgery - Charlotte Robinson (PA-R)
18:35 - The Role of a Physician Associate in General Practice - Ricky Staniland (PA-R)
18:45 - Employing Physician Associates - Marylyn Dickinson (Associate Director of Medical Education, MFT)
18:55 - NHSE Guest Speaker - Wayne Kirkham (Primary Care Senior Programme Manager (NW))
19:15 - HEE update - Jacqui Baines (Programme Support Business Manager, HEENW)
19:25 - Questions and Answers and close
19:40 - Networking

PDFs of the presentations can be downloaded below.