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The Forum would not exist but for you. We are here to join together the physician associates, both student and qualified, across the North West.

On this page we will make you aware of opportunities to get involved, and if you have any thoughts you'd like to submit then here is the place to do that; if you'd like to submit a blog a or a news article then you can do that here.


Student Sub-Committee Member


While this information is accurate it is highly recommended that applicants read the full terms of reference for the NW PA Student sub-committee prior to applying, found here=!937568!. Structure of the sub-committee Chairperson: NW PA Forum Student Regional Representative Edge Hill University:…

Graduate Sub-Committee Member


The North West Physician Associate Forum was established in September 2018 to represent the needs of both student and graduate Physician Associates within the North West of England. The success and impact of the Forum will depend on feedback and…


If you have a suggestion you would like to put to the Forum Committee or have a news piece or blog you'd like to submit please use the form below.

Please put your thoughts here or if you'd like to submit it on a MS accessible document (not Pages etc.) then please use the link below.