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Monday Message from the Head of School North West of England School of Medical Foundation and Physician Associates (HEE)


Mrs Kate Burnett




We are far from an NHS built by the 'people for the people for care and compassion in times of need'. The present day NHS faces a fearful complexity of destruction in part created by the workforce crisis. Infighting, burnout, vulnerability and loss of staff are common place in today's NHS. A reflection maybe on the self-centred system we have created?

Leading the development and implementation of Physician Associates into the North West NHS is a heartfelt task. In my journey I experience joy and love as much as I experience fear and loss. We are intelligent creative people contributing to one precious NHS and yet sometimes in the moments that matter - conversations of connectivity feel fragmented and people's vulnerabilities play out.

The passion, energy, enthusiasm and commitment I see within the Physician Associates leaves me in awe of them. I admire their courageous leadership, the investment they have made to support delivery of care and compassion to the people of the NHS. They have not taken these steps to upskill and become a PA without risk and they believe. They believe in themselves and they believe in each other and they believe in care for the people. AND I believe in them.

We cannot change other people but we can use ourselves, use what we believe in and what we have already to connect to the people of the NHS. Use the power of the people by making every moment we have count. I alone am not enough. Together we can create an NHS 'for the people by the people for care and
compassion in times of need'.

I will stand by your side, in a kinship of support until you are empowered enough lead yourselves and then I will simply stand by you.

K Burnett